Model Profile & Photoshoot Request Form
Please enter your information so that I may review your qualifications and contact you to schedule a photoshoot. Answer all questions.
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    Confirms you are not a minor. Appears on any signed release. ID card may be requested for verification.

  • Checked frequently, for photoshoot invitations, instructions, model releases, completed images, etc.
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  • Street Address is OPTIONAL, for prints if mailed—you may also simply put "Private".
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    Postal / Zip Code is OPTIONAL—you may also simply put "Private".

  • Paste web link for your online portfolio on Model Mayhem, Facebook, Flickr, etc.
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    Provide names or websites of photographers with whom you've modelled. They may be contacted for references. If you have less than 3, enter "New" in the blanks.

  • Indicate the best times of the week for a photoshoot. 6-8 hours of your day are typically required (including getting ready and travel).

    If the above schedule will change in the future (return to school, etc.), please provide details below.

  • Review this chart and indicate the *most revealing* level of glamour wardrobe for your comfort level. The chart columns are labelled at the top from least revealing (A) to most revealing (DD). Click to see larger in a new window:
  • If you have little/no prior modeling experience at the indicated wardrobe level, I can provide a longer shoot with more time for guidance/instruction.

  • Suggestions:
    - scheduling constraints
    - type of photos you're seeking
    - special conditions
    - why you'd like to work with me
    - etc.
  • A *current* headshot clearly showing eye colour and hair colour/length.
  • A *current* full-length photo demonstrating figure (avoid loose/baggy clothing).

    If you cannot attach photos (common on mobile devices), simply email them to me at the email address shown here